SPA-Big Machine

The Machine Spa-Big for mine support of composite reinforcement of very large diameter.

Efficient and reliable, easy-to-maintain, economical line ensures excellent quality of mine support. Equipped with contactless electromagnetic system of reinforced reinforcement of the rod. All units and modules of installation are made with reinforcement of structural and mechanisms. Quality of manufacture, productivity of the machine, price-basic indicators of purchase of the machine.

When ordering SPA-Big equipment, the client can choose additions and modifications

Standard version of the machine.



Power supply: ~ 380 in the frequency of 50hz.

Peak power (start time up to 15-20 min): 14 kw/h.

Average power during Operation: less than 4.5 kw/h.

Performance: Up to 2… 10 m/min (d 16… 4mm).

It is possible to increase the productivity of the line up to 15m/min using additional furnace of polymerization of radio wave microwave method of heat transfer radiation. In this case, the strength of the reinforcement is increased (heating goes evenly across the entire volume of the rebar without gradient, as is the case in a conventional furnace with traditional heaters-heating from the surface to the center of convection during the passage of the furnace).

Possible diameters of rods: from 4 to 16 mm.

Water consumption: circulation.

Operation mode: Semi-automatic.

Number of people to work on the line: 1-2 persons.

Additional units and devices:

1) Automation Schneider Electric zeliologic for automation and control of the line and its blocks

2) Owen multi-channel temperature controller as part of the control Panel

3) Light signal column for process visualization

4) solid-state relays instead of electromagnetic contacers

5) Highly efficient infrared quartz heating elements in the curing furnaces

(Furnace readiness to work less than 10 minutes, energy saving up to 30%)

6) Microwave Oven pre-heating the entire volume of the rod evenly. Allows to increase the speed of production of mining and construction; Removes from resin and roving moisture, increasing strength:

2 emitters (1800 W)

4 Emitters (3600 W)

7) light signal indication and switching switches, Schneider Electric buttons

8) Cut-off module without stopping

9) Active sand unit with vibration dispenser

10) Infrared pre-drying furnace