SPA -1 Machine

The most advantageous in terms of price, quality, performance-the line spa-1 for the manufacture of fiberglass composite reinforcement (with sand or without).

Highly efficient and reliable, easy to maintain, economical and quickly repaid in the entire product line for the production of fiberglass composite fittings.

The organization of centralized control from one board by all systems of a line allows to consider it as industrial machine tool № 1 among other competitors for manufacture of composite armature.

Process Control is performed by only one switch, which is enough to control all the line devices in the work cycle. This allows to train new operators in the shortest time.


Power supply: ~ 380 in the frequency of 50hz.

Peak power (start time up to 15-20 min): 14 kw/h.

Average power during Operation: less than 4.5 kw/h.

Performance: Up to 2… 10 m/min (d 16… 4mm).

It is possible to increase the productivity of the line up to 15m/min using additional furnace of polymerization of radio wave microwave method of heat transfer radiation. In this case, the strength of the reinforcement is increased (heating goes evenly across the entire volume of the rebar without gradient, as is the case in a conventional furnace with traditional heaters-heating from the surface to the center of convection during the passage of the furnace).

Possible diameters of rods: from 4 to 16 mm.

Water consumption: circulation.

Operation mode: Semi-automatic.

Number of people to work on the line: 1-2 persons.