Grid Evolution Plexus

We present to your attention a completely new, unique and revolutionary machine for manufacturing of composite grid-grid Evolution Plexus.

What is it so interesting and why is your income guaranteed with this machine? So, everything in order. To date, 99% of manufacturers of machines for the production of composite mesh “treading water on the spot”, only upgrading any nodes with the same technology overlap cross-section, which with all its pluses has a significant Minus: Low speed of production process, and the main thing-the grid breaks down (cross-beams though and are glued, but still not strong enough, especially at edges).

The uniqueness of a completely new machine grid Evolution Plexus consists in that the cross-section of a grid is intertwined by longitudinal reinforcements that makes the process of manufacture very fast, and the grid does not break even on edges.

Currently, the line has successfully passed all the tests and is fully ready for serial production. Weaving knot high-speed and high-precision, allows to weave composite mesh with the step of the cell from 50mm to 200 mm, width of the cloth from 1000 mm to 2000mm.

The machine is represented with the feed of the cross-section in real-time mode (real-time technology) with the operator panel and remote control of all machine nodes.

Composite Mesh with Weave

Let’s take a look at the composite mesh with weave. Consider the samples produced on the prototype grid Evolution Plexus ERT1000ю

Notice how solid the grid is created on the grid Evolution Plexus. Each cross-section is over a dozen longitudinal components, which makes it impossible to smash this grid. This means that there is no need to worry about the complexity of transportation, winding and unwinding of the bays with the net – no cell will break!

Now that the composite grid has lost its disadvantages due to production technology, it has only advantages: durability, lightness, unsurpassed qualities inherent in composite products for reinforcement: chemical resistance (potassium medium, Hydrochloric acid, alkali, sea water and other corrosive environments), there is no corrosion in concrete.

Durability: Prediction of durability for a period of more than 75 years (increases the service life of buildings and buildings in 3-4 times).

The dielectric, accordingly does not create the effect of shielding of the receiving-transmitting radio equipment (radios, mobile telephones, radio stations), as it makes a metal grid.

Operating temperature from-70 ° с to + 150 ° с.

Low thermal conductivity (no cold bridges).

The weight in the equal-to-solid ratio is 9 times less than that of a steel mesh. Convenience of work: carrying to a place of work, cutting, lightness at work with complex geometrical forms.