Grid Evolution 50

Productive and reliable, easy to maintain (one operator can control the line), economical, the most inexpensive in the entire lineup.

Description of the production line

The equipment is maximally flexible, easily controllable and programmable.

The machine is characterized by a centralized control system of the entire line from one workstation. This reduces the time for commissioning and minimizes training costs. Simplifies the entire production process and reduces the cost of serving employees to manage all line nodes.

The management interface is simple and intuitive. Each switch and indicator is signed, comments and recommendations are given directly on the shield. The control panels are divided into 3 sections: furnace and bath temperatures, weaving process, line drives…

Automatic implements the following functions simultaneously:

– Control of the cut-off device of the grid cutoff by the meter from the incremental encoder

– Temperature control of the curing furnaces (4 independent control zones)

– Heated resin in the bath (2 control zones, 2 control Channels)

– Cooling pumps (from 1 to 2 pumps)

– Pneumatic system (distributed with power from 1 compressor)

– Optical system (positioning and control of netting)

– Systems of cooling of drives and indication of processes of work of Knots and a line as a whole

– Winding unit and automatic feed of the transverse rod.

Feature: In the manufacture of large-sized lattice or big diameter grid in the first case the performance increases, in the second-does not decrease, relative to the value specified in the specification.


Power supply: ~ 380 in the frequency of 50hz.

Peak power during start up to 20-30 min:: 19 kw/h.

(or 10-15 minutes with infra-red).

Furnace Temperature control: 4 Zones, independent.

Average power during Operation: less than 6.5 kw/h.

Capacity: 1 Grid cell 1.8 sec. or 100m/h for a 50 mm grid step. 200m/h for step 100 mm.

The maximum width of the grid: 1000 mm.

Grid cell spacing: from 35 – 250 mm any (electronic positioning system, applied instantaneously without mechanical interference in the work of the line).

Diameter of the rod: 2, 5-4 mm. (2, 5-6 mm)

Process Control: optical sensor system.

Water consumption: circulation.

Air pressure in the pneumatic system 6 atmospheres.

Air consumption: Less than 80l/min.

Operation mode: Semi-automatic/automatic.

Number of people to work on the line: 1 person